I like to show my gentler side

I like to show my gentler sideMy life is busy, and sometimes it seems like the list of things I must complete is overwhelming. I want to finish all the jobs that need to get done. I am here to give my full focus and energy to projects and situations that I encounter.

Yet, during those moments, I realize that there are also other matters to attend to.

Some situations require me to slow down and show a more human, gentler side.

It is personally rewarding when I take time to listen and provide emotional support to those in my life. I believe that when I nurture others and show I care about them, their lives are affected in positive ways. I am inspired by the experience of showing my gentler side.

It brings me great fulfillment to know that, even for a few minutes, I am there to be supportive to another.

Some of the best opportunities to demonstrate my softer side happen when I am with my children. Even though they are growing, I notice they blossom more when I am ready with a willing heart and an open mind to help them through challenging times.

My loved ones look to me for guidance, support, and praise. I offer them a gentle lift when they need it.

Today, I show my gentler side at home and work. I look for situations where I can provide a listening ear or some gentle guidance. My life is enriched in a unique way when I share my gentler side with others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When was the most recent time I showed my gentler side and who was I with?
  2. How do I feel about sharing my softer side with others?
  3. In what types of situations can I make more of an effort to nurture, support, and praise others?

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