I persevere when life challenges me

I persevere when life challenges meMy life is often as smooth as silk and I appreciate my journey. However, because some days are less than perfect, I sometimes experience a few bumps along my path.

Expecting life to throw me a few curve balls ensures I stand ready to face whatever challenges come along. When I anticipate an unidentified challenge, I can plan ahead to navigate around its rocky path. Doing these things sharpens my ability to plow through any obstacle that stands in the way of my success.

I know I have enough self-confidence, initiative, and perseverance to find my way through a dark tunnel and emerge into the light.

To persevere, I consider the particular situation that vexes me. I think about how it occurs and whether I have similar experiences under my belt. I take a look at my options and weigh out pros and cons of each. If I believe it is necessary, I seek opinions of those I trust or outside counsel to assist me with the challenge.

Ultimately, I hold the power to meet the challenge head on and push through it with gusto.

Today, I know I can rise above challenges and achieve my goals, regardless of what happens. Through anticipating alternative events, having personal know-how, and keeping the faith, I know I can persevere to live a fulfilling, accomplished life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I react when life presents me with a challenge?
  2. What did I do to make it through a recent obstacle?
  3. What are some steps I can take to ensure that I navigate future challenging events successfully?

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