Amazing opportunities await me today

Amazing opportunities await me today

Each day carries the promise of new prospects. I am delighted by the abundance of opportunities I find around me.

There is always more to learn. I may pick up a book on archaeology at the library. I may take formal classes at a local university or sign up for online courses. My career advances. I set goals and sign up for even more training.

I pursue personal growth opportunities. I devote time to studying and meditation. My spiritual understanding deepens. I follow the practices and traditions of my faith as well as examine my own individual values.

I make time to play. Leisure activities and unscheduled time are just as important as work. Laughter helps me to relax and stay strong.

I make new friends. The woman sitting next to me on the bus may have children in the same grade as me. My new coworker may want to go jogging this weekend. I embrace the opportunity to spend time with my loved ones. We cook dinner together or go ice skating.

I exercise my body. Adding variety to my workouts keeps me motivated. Sunny days invite me to go out hiking. On rainy days, I stay dry and comfortable doing Tai Chi at home.

I enjoy natural beauty. Flowers and trees enchant me. The shifting clouds stir my imagination.

Today, I greet the morning sun knowing that wonderful opportunities lie before me. I am eager to embrace each one.

Positive Affirmative Questions:

1. What would make me feel more energetic this morning?
2. What new opportunities could I pursue at work today?
3. How can I remain alert and spot the opportunities that surround me?

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