Food is my friend.

Food is my friend, food nourishes meI appreciate food and all the good things that it does for me. I look beyond the diet food industry and social pressures. I recognize that food is my friend.

Food nourishes me. It helps me stay strong and fit. It strengthens my muscles and bones.

My favorite treats add pleasure to my life. I love to eat an ice cream cone on a hot summer day at the beach. In the winter, I curl up in a soft armchair with hot chocolate and a long novel.

I treasure old family recipes and experiment with new combinations. Cooking gives me a chance to develop new skills. I can take cooking classes or invent my own recipes.

Food reminds me to be grateful. Dining together draws me closer to my loved ones. I celebrate daily life and special occasions with food. I share my love and good conversation with others while eating.

I delight in eating at home or dining out. I pay special attention to creating an attractive setting. I sit down and eat slowly. I relish in all the different flavors and textures of food.

Food puts me in touch with nature. I marvel at how seeds mature into fruits and vegetables.

Today, I reflect on my good fortune. I can get nutritious and delicious meals simply by visiting a supermarket or restaurant. I eat foods that are good for me, and I savor every bite.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What role did food play in my childhood?
2. What are three techniques I can use to eat more mindfully?
3. How can I manage any feelings of guilt associated with food?

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