It is easy to treat others respectfully when I focus on love

It is easy to treat others respectfully when I focus on loveI endeavor to go through life with love at the forefront of my mind. My days are more peaceful when I confront situations with a positive, loving outlook.

I show those I interact with that I want to be treated in a loving way. I speak and act respectfully to set a positive example. I know that approach can help others learn how to be respectful towards me and others as well.

When focusing on love, it is easy to be respectful to others.

At times, I have disagreements with friends, but love helps us reach common ground.

Instead of forcing my opinion on others, I first try to understand their point of view. Sometimes that loving approach helps me to see a flaw in my own argument.

When I think about love, I am able to respond constructively and respectfully in difficult situations.

When I am offended by someone’s words or actions, I avoid overreacting. Although I feel hurt, responding in a negative manner only worsens the situation.

Today, I display a genuine love for others, even strangers. I am aware that all of us are human beings that deserve to be loved and respected. I attempt to show love in the same way I want to be loved.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I show my love for others?
  2. What example situations can I share with my kids so they learn how to love others?
  3. When have I shown love to an acquaintance or stranger?

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