Being cheerful makes life easier

Being cheerful makes life easierOn any given day, I can choose whether I am content, annoyed, or even angry. I realize that deciding to have a day filled with joy and positivity is my best option, so I can live a great life.

It is easier to relate to others when I choose to be pleasant and cheerful.

My personal and professional lives flow smoothly because of my attitude. My positive frame of mind is conducive to being efficient at work and keeping a peaceful home.

I approach coworkers with a smile and a pleasant comment about the day. I complete my work quickly. My cheerfulness is evident and it helps me excel at work. My work relationships are strong and supportive.

My home life grows and blooms from day to day. I have influence over the mood of the entire household. It is important to show my family members that possessing a light and bright spirit enriches our family and deepens our connections.

I believe I can work out any challenge and solve any dilemma when everyone involved maintains cheerful, loving attitudes towards each other.

Today, I choose to adopt a cheerful approach to life. Everything is better in my day because I make the effort to be positive, within myself and toward others.

Questions for self-reflection:

  1. What was a recent situation where my mood affected the outcome?
  2. How is my life affected when I make the decision to be cheerful?
  3. What can I do to adopt a more cheerful mood in everyday life?

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