The Bounce-Back Solution for Your Discouraging Days

The Bounce-Back Solution for Your Discouraging DaysEven though the sun rises every day, there are times that it doesn’t reflect on your spirit. There are some days that are just discouraging. And in those cases, you’re usually unable to get out of your negative mood soon enough.

If only you could find a way to bounce back on those trying days. There’s so much beauty in the world that your frame of mind is preventing you from enjoying.

It’s time to make a positive change. And believe it or not, all the power to make that change is within you!

By employing these approaches, your gloomy discouraging days will likely take a turn for the better:

1. Reaffirm your greatness. Lots of things in life can leave you feeling discouraged. But by no means is discouragement supposed to consume your existence! In fact, you owe it to yourself to live an inspired life. And one of the best ways to do that is to keep your self-image intact.

  • Each morning, write a list of three things that you’re grateful for. Those are the things you endeavor to keep a part of your life. If they’re important to you, you’ll want to be able to enjoy them. That’s hard to do when you’re in a state of discouragement.
  • At the same time, write a list of accomplishments you’re proud of. Your accomplishments reflect your greatness. They can make you smile when you think about them. Allowing yourself to smile regularly can certainly help to turn your grey skies blue.

2. Conquer a physical challenge. A lot of times, a challenging physical exploit can help you appreciate life. It also helps you to recognize your inner strengths. When you realize just how strong you are, it’s easier to conquer a discouraging day.

  • Take a hike with some friends. Make it the kind of hike that challenges your resolve. Your run-of-the-mill trek to the national park may be too easy.
  • Make a mental note of the moments you feel like giving up. Your legs are burning and your throat is completely parched. Yet, you fight through the discomfort.
  • When you’ve made it to the end, take note of the feeling of exhilaration. You’re unable to control the ear to ear smile that comes with overcoming obstacles. That experience will change your approach to life forever.

3. Help others. One of the easiest ways to change discouragement to hope is to help others in need. Giving less fortunate people a glimmer of hope helps you to appreciate what you have.

  • You could offer help to someone who is more emotionally downtrodden than you. Almost immediately, you’ll realize your situation isn’t as bad as it seemed.
  • Another option is to help someone who’s financially challenged. That could be a homeless person, or someone who’s without a job. Help them to get back on their feet.

As you incorporate these activities into your life, you’ll realize a complete change in your outlook. Challenges that used to seem unconquerable are now minor detractions in your life. You’ll start to feel like you’re bigger than any challenge thrown at you. And that’s when you’ll know that discouragement has changed to empowerment!

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  1. says

    Such is the dilemma of the Overachiever. I think it’s like annthiyg else, you have to have a huge filter on what comes in and what you absorb from folks. There will be people in your life who will help balance you because they care and they know you (and I’ve found mostly those people end up being right) and there will be people who will try to talk you down because they’re jealous. I’m not saying that in the trite, nonchalant way that everyone says, OH THEY’RE JUST JEALOUS! I’m absolutely serious. People who don’t function this way (wanting to do it all and why shouldn’t you?) really don’t get that *they* could do more than they do as well. They don’t have the confidence and determination to strive harder. And since they don’t think *they* can do it, how could *you* possibly be able to do it? *Why* should you be able to do it if they can’t?Sadly, there are usually way more of the latter.All of this seems to escalate when you have kids, too, because and I’m sure you’ve experienced this (because we all do) people LOVE to tell you How It’s Gonna Be once the baby comes. After you’re breastfeeding. When the baby starts walking. If you have another one. When teething starts. I put an official moratorium on the phrase You just wait for every person around me. (That still doesn’t work, by the way.)Of course I can only speak from my experience and observations, so your situation may be entirely different. But I say share your goals with anyone you want. Just only take to heart the things you know to be true. As for the rest? Let them have their nay-saying misery!

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